About Me

NatashaMy name is Natasha and I am the creator of the multi-media project and author of the upcoming book, The Color of Food, which honors, preserves and amplifies the stories of Black, Native, Asian and Latina farmers and food activists across the country.

The project was born out of my blog Brown.Girl.Farming. where I write about food sovereignty, racial inequality and cultural contributions in agriculture and highlight people of color growing food and revolutionizing the food system.

I began by documenting my own farming journey and digging into the racial, economic and gender inequalities I was seeing for farmers and communities. I guess part of me felt that digging into the soil meant digging deeper into these issues and recognizing and honoring the stories buried there.

I’m simply a girl who loves eating good food and digging in the dirt, but being a young biracial woman in today’s dominated food movement causes me to dig a little deeper.

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